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focusing on "dual carbon": a new refrigerant for low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection, with sanhua promoting "carbon neutrality"

the 2021 government work report lists "solidly achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" as one of the key tasks, and clearly points out the need to develop an action plan for carbon emissions peaking before 2030, with practical actions to make the necessary contributions to the global response to climate change.

the refrigeration industry is closely related to environmental protection, and in the era of "carbon neutrality", the iteration of new refrigerants has also ushered in an acceleration period. the trends and changes presented by new refrigerants focus on two dimensions: firstly, the display of fluorine chemical enterprises' research and development achievements in various new environmentally friendly refrigerants; secondly, upstream compressor and accessory companies, as well as manufacturers of complete machines, are adaptable and widely used for various new refrigerants. specifically, it is manifested in various environmentally friendly refrigerants such as r32, r290, r404a, r407c, r1233zd, r1234ze, and natural working fluids such as co2 and ammonia. these are the main forces in the current exploration of refrigerant substitution.

as a pioneer in the refrigeration industry, sanhua always adheres to the corporate philosophy of energy conservation and environmental protection, continuously innovates product technology, and strives for excellence in new refrigerant products, contributing to the early realization of "carbon neutrality".

the new refrigerant co2 is gradually favored by the market due to its advantages such as safety, environmental protection, easy access, and good thermodynamic properties, and has been applied in fields such as food retail and transportation refrigeration. but the high pressure of co2 also poses new challenges to the system and components. faced with challenges, sanhua has always regarded it as a stepping stone on the road to success, and has provided a series of products suitable for co2 systems to contribute to the green process.

the co2 four-way valve pioneered by sanhua, with its brand-new internal design, meets the requirements of customers for the use of transcritical co2 refrigeration systems. it won the innovation product award at this year's refrigeration exhibition and was also included in the "2020 2021 china refrigeration society energy conservation and ecological environment product catalog".

as is well known, co2 heat pumps have the advantages of higher energy efficiency, higher outlet temperature, and better low-temperature heating performance compared to ordinary refrigerant heat pumps. at the same time, co2 as a refrigerant itself is more environmentally friendly (gwp=1). however, due to the lack of co2 four-way valve products in the market, co2 heat pump technology cannot be popularized. for many years, co2 heat pump systems can only defrost or switch through electromagnetic valves, resulting in complex systems and low defrosting efficiency. nowadays, the co2 four-way valve developed by sanhua has filled this gap and opened the door to the comprehensive popularization of co2 heat pump systems.

for the heat exchange of the new environmentally friendly refrigerant refrigeration system, sanhua also has high-quality solutions. the sanhua microchannel new refrigerant solution is designed specifically for refrigeration and heat exchanger systems using new refrigerants, achieving higher heat exchange efficiency while further reducing energy consumption. triple design pressure can better adapt to refrigeration systems using new refrigerants such as co2, r32, r290, etc. high pressure resistance makes the unit operate more safely. the content volume is smaller, with a maximum reduction of 60% in refrigerant charge, reducing emissions from the source and helping to achieve carbon neutrality.

microchannel evaporator                                    microchannel condenser

to sum up, sanhua has made outstanding contributions in new refrigerant product solutions and other aspects. in the future, sanhua believes that the power of technological innovation will inevitably change people's lifestyles, and technological innovation will also give a new definition to green living. sanhua will continue to practice the concept of green environmental protection, meet new challenges in the refrigeration market with new technologies and changes, help achieve the goal of energy transformation, and welcome the arrival of the carbon neutrality era.

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