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work together to plant a tree of love

in early spring february, spring returns to the earth, and the footsteps of spring have quietly arrived.

on march 12th, the finance department of sanhua intelligent control teamed up with the "sunflower" youth volunteer service team of xinchang county taxation bureau to enter the regular designated contact school - xinchang yucai school (xinchang county special education guidance center), carry out the "big hand, little hand, meet in spring" green environmental protection campaign, and work together with children to protect the green home.

the first tree we planted

the first tree we planted was a golden orange,
as the sun grows, the smell of the pearl becomes frosty.
it carries our blessings and will become sweet next year for our children to taste.

the second tree we planted

the second tree we planted is red plum.
beauty does not compete for spring, only brings it back. when the mountain flowers are blooming, she smiles in the bushes.

we planted the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth trees

the third tree we planted is hydrangea, with a cluster of flowers.
the fourth tree we planted is a rose, with beautiful and beautiful flowers.
the fifth tree we planted is camellia, strong and patient.
the sixth tree we planted is ourselves.
the kindness of children sows the seeds of love in our hearts, and gradually grows into towering bodies in our hearts.

only sunflowers lean towards the sun

he said: sunflowers are like us tax collectors, serving the people is our sun, and we are born towards the sun.
i said: sunflowers are like our three flower people, with management, technology, and talent as the light source and direction. we dig deep into the fertile soil and face the future.
you excitedly say, 'if you are sunflowers, then we are also sunflowers!'!
yes, yes, you are also sunflowers. with all the simplicity and kindness you can express, you smile at us like a golden light that touches our gaze.
in march, it was clear and rainy, and the household in nanshan turned clear. no willow catkins rise from the wind, only sunflowers tilt towards the sun!