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nov 17 2023

sanhua re-entered the list of 2023 china‘s top 100 machinery and world-class machinery enterprises

on october 28th, the 2023 world-class enterprise and china’s top 500 machinery research report was officially released. sanhua holdings group co., ltd. has been listed on multiple lists, ranking 22nd among the 2023 china‘s top 500 machinery, 27th among the top 500 chinese machinery industry enterprises, and 252nd of the top 500 "world-class" machinery.


this year’s china machinery top 500 award evaluates the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the global machinery industry from the four dimensions of "first-class performance, first-class innovation, first-class operation and first-class influence", which not only requires enterprises to have a certain scale and volume, but also good efficiency and effectiveness. sanhua was ranked 50th for the first time in 2007, and has been on the list for 16 consecutive years, which is another powerful testimony to the comprehensive competitiveness of sanhua‘s r&d and manufacturing capability, innovation capability, growth capability, and so on.


the ranking on the list shows that against the backdrop of the rapid development of the new energy industry, many excellent enterprises in related industries have stood out and achieved rapid growth. sanhua has seized a strategic market with high growth and potential, strategically laid out the new energy vehicle thermal management industry in advance, opened up vast development space, and continuously strengthened technological innovation and joint development to consolidate and expand its first mover advantage.


as an important component of digital transformation promotion, sanhua focuses on the "5g intelligent factory" and promotes the intelligent production process through cutting-edge technology application, achieving a leap from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". in the manufacturing field, sanhua has also received the honorary title of "green factory" issued by the ministry of industry and information technology of the people’s republic of china, and the "sanhua 5g future factory project" has won national awards.


sanhua will actively seize opportunities and improve management in its industry, empower manufacturing upgrading with intelligent technology, inject innovative vitality into the high-quality development of enterprises, promote the transformation of the manufacturing industry, and contribute to the sustainable development of china‘s machinery industry.


about china machinery top 500 list

it is understood that cmea is the earliest and the only social organization in the industry that organizes and carries out research activities on china’s top 500 machinery enterprises for the public welfare, and it has been 21 consecutive years since the first activity was carried out in 2003, and it has a 16-year history of researching the world‘s top enterprises in the machinery industry. unlike the various top 100 lists which are widely used in the society and ranked only by the "scale of business revenue", the top 500 list of cmea is an evaluation system based on the enterprise evaluation system created by mr. mundell, who won the nobel prize in economics, which includes the scale, efficiency, growth and resource power of the enterprises. power, efficiency, growth, resources, to give different evaluation weights to different index layers, not only than who’s "fist big", but also to see who‘s "fist hard", not only require enterprises to have a certain scale volume, but also to have a good efficiency and effectiveness, the results of the study is more scientific, comprehensive, more instructive.

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