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oct 30 2023

2023 heating & cooling summit | how sanhua efficiently facilitates global refrigerant switchover

2023 heating and cooling summit
september 14th-15th, 2023, china hvac industry development summit and cooling & heating intelligent manufacturing award ceremony was held in shanghai - crowne plaza shanghai jiangong pujiang hotel.

the summit was organized by industry online, with the theme of "cooling & heating intelligent manufacturing - change and reshaping", combining the current macroeconomic situation, upstream and downstream development trends, opportunities, and challenges in the development of the hvac industry to carry out a number of exchanges and discussions, which can be said to be full of practical advice. 

sanhua was invited to participate in the summit, and in the afternoon of the 15th "global hotspot forum", meng xinyang, who is the sanhua commercial marketing director, made a "core components efficiently help global refrigerant switching" theme report.

it should be said that the globalization layout of sanhua is also at the forefront of the industry in terms of both breadth and depth. the achievement that nearly half of the business comes from overseas also fully proves this point. it is given this point that the organizer hoped that sanhua could share our solutions under the current situation and trend of the global industry.

minister meng first analyzed the refrigerant switching policies and regulations in three regions, japan, the u.s., and europe, from the perspective of air conditioning heat pumps, which point to the use of micro-flammable or combustible refrigerants, typically such as r32, r454b and r290, in the medium to long term.

sanhua believes that it can be approached in four ways:

01 reduced charge

the first and foremost is the micro-channel heat exchanger mche, minister meng shared an mche in a north american indoor unit application case, we can see that 5 cold tons of single-cooled unit, by replacing the condenser and evaporator from the copper tube fin type to the micro-channel, the energy efficiency of the seer is increased by 8%, and the amount of r454b charging is reduced by 45%. for this reason, micro-channel heat exchanger technology is always listed in the u.s. epa (environmental protection agency) to achieve energy saving and emission reduction in the recommended catalog.

02 leak sensors
the need for refrigerant leakage sensors is explicitly mentioned in both japanese and american regulations, and sanhua was asked to provide a suitable solution. for sanhua, the refrigerant sensor is not a new technology. it is deeply engaged in the dual track of refrigeration and automobile, has long mastered the technology of detecting co2 concentration by infrared technology (to avoid accidents caused by high co2 concentration in compartments which leads to drivers' sleepiness), and sanhua has launched more cost-effective thermal conductivity products from infrared photoelectric technology, and all the indexes can meet the latest ul60335-2-40 requirements and more than 15 years of service life. 

03 cutting off the source of the leak
following the japanese jra standard, the us ul60335-2-40 also launched its 4th edition update last year, clarifying the requirements for the use of safety shut-off valves. minister meng reviewed the history of the birth of ebv motorized ball valves, and after fully comparing with other technologies, ebv motorized ball valves have solved all the customer's demand points, and become the most accepted safety shut-off valve solution at present.

04 match optimization
due to changes in refrigerant characteristics, the original customary matching may be problematic, for example, four-way reversing valve, the past 5hp models matched with the 20-type four-way valve exists in the case of a large horse-drawn trolley, especially when applied to the r32 system, there may be a risk of not being able to reverse, sanhua accordingly launched the 20gr series, the flow rate was optimized, so it is a perfect match for the 4-6hp system.

afterwards, minister meng introduced the optimized solutions of sanhua's dc inverter drive sd2 and plate heat exchanger specifically for r290. to make the customer's system matching more efficient, sanhua invested in a brand new r290 explosion-proof test bench for testing the optimized performance of the plate heat exchanger.

sanhua has full confidence in helping our customers to safely embrace more environmentally friendly refrigerants!
at the subsequent " cooling & heating intelligent manufacturing" award ceremony, sanhua was once again awarded the "golden wisdom award", which reflects the industry's recognition, and also inspires sanhua to continue to forge ahead and contribute its strength to the healthy development of the industry.

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