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sanhua at iaa2023 in munich, showcasing innovations in thermal management for new energy vehicles
date: sep 08 2023   views: 4111
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exhibition introduction

mobility, founded in 1897, and in 2021, the munich iaa mobility replaced the frankfurt iaa mobility to become one of the world's top auto s, and at the same time, the largest automotive exhibition in europe, which is held once every two years.

in addition to attract thousands of car enthusiasts from all over the world to gather, new car models and concept cars at the iaa also give automakers the opportunity to present their views and visions of the future of automobiles to potential users. a series of seminars, lectures and exchange sessions held during the same period also make the iaa the center of the global automotive industry network, experts from various fields such as economics, politics, trade associations and the automotive industry discuss key issues such as the technology and practices of the future automotive industry.

exhibition video

event details

2023 iaa exhibition

on september 4, 2023, the international automobile exhibition (iaa) in munich opened. on the first day of the exhibition, sanhua made a successful appearance. with the help of this iaa exhibition, sanhua hopes to the advanced thermal management product technology to the european automotive industry, help electrification of the european automotive industry, and explore the intelligent, green, low-carbon and sustainable mobility with upstream and downstream participants in the industry.

sanhua's exhibition area is located in the heart of iaa, and the booth displays a variety of innovative products covering air conditioning, heat pump systems, battery thermal management, and motor electronic thermal management etc. dr. rongrong zhang, deputy general manager of sanhua automotive, attended the exhibition with more than 10 marketing and technical colleagues, to introduce the series of sanhua's technological innovations to customers, and to exchange information on the future development of thermal management for new energy vehicles.

in response to the trend of electrification and intelligence in the european automotive industry, sanhua automotive brought solutions for core parts and integrated components such as valve manifolds, chiller, gas-liquid separator, etc. focusing on the compact and efficient features of the integrated components of the intelligent thermal management, which can realize weight reduction for the vehicle, expand the interior space, and increase the range, demonstrating sanhua's leading thermal management technology in new energy vehicles.

other highlights

on the first day of the media day, the sanhua booth has already welcomed many visits from domestic and foreign customers, suppliers, competitors and partners. bosch and denso group have visited the booth five times to communicate with sanhua's technical experts in an all-round way.

technological innovation and sustainability

this exhibition emphasizes our commitment to technological innovation and sustainability. sanhua's thermal management technology can not only improves the performance and efficiency of electric vehicles, but also helps extend battery life and reduce energy waste. this sustainable solution fits perfectly with global green initiatives, leading the new energy vehicle industry towards a greener and smarter future.

cooperation and outlook

sanhua actively pursued opportunities for cooperation with automakers and other suppliers at iaa 2023, emphasizing the key role of collaboration in advancing new energy vehicle technology and expressing a desire to explore the future with all parties.

presence in iaa 2023 demonstrated sanhua's leadership in thermal management for new energy vehicles. it is believed that sanhua's technological innovation, commitment to sustainable development and willingness to cooperate with other industry leaders can inject strong confidence and vitality the future of new energy vehicles in europe.

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