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celebrating the grand event and talking about innovation together — — highlights of sanhua booth in 2023 china refrigeration expo
date: apr 12 2023   views: 3851
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exhibition introduction

on april 7, the 34th international exhibition for refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, frozen food processing, packaging and storage (hereinafter referred to as china refrigeration expo) opened in shanghai new international expo center. with the theme of "focus on global cooling, heating and climate change; devoted to system performance improvement and systematic and integrity innovation", nearly 1100 companies are unveiled. the exhibitors of the expo this year are from 19 ries. over 15% of exhibitors come from foreign ries. the three-day exhibition will attract more than 60,000 professional visitors to celebrate a grand event of refrigeration innovation along the beautiful huangpu river.

exhibition video

event details

this time, sanhua booth still adopts the design concept of “opening up”, the overall booth is train-shaped, classified accing to the categories of exhibits, application scenarios, programs, etc., to display exhibits in an all-round way, to a zero-distance exhibit.

with "green low-carbon technology innovation" as the core, the highlights of sanhua's exhibition include data center cooling series, energy storage thermal management series, food retail and cold storage solutions, household light commercial and commercial heat pump series products, etc. there are many innovative products that have a wide range of applications, from the field to the delicious table. sanhua is every.

other highlights

high-efficiency, low-carbon products

theme one

innovative products

energy storage thermal management

to achieve the goal of "double carbon", it is necessary to build a new power system using new energy. in er to meet needs of energy storage and thermal management clients, products such as sanhua plate heat exchanger, pressure regulating valve, electronic expansion valve, sight glass and vfd are applied in energy storage and thermal management with advantages of technological innovation and product serialization. and these products provide good temperature management for a large amount of heat generation in ging and disging process of the battery. at the same time, sanhua is also actively exploring and practicing energy-saving technology. through energy-saving measures such as valley power storage and air compressor waste heat recovery, the annual energy-saving cost of sanhua daming industrial park alone has exceeded 5 million yuan.

micro-channel heat exchanger

sanhua’s micro-channel exhibits corrosion-resistant coating products. through self-developed long-life flat tube alloy, hydrophilic coating, tcp coating and so on, the corrosion resistance life of the product has been greatly improved and recognized by the market.

commercial air conditioning & heat pump

ebv refrigerant three-way electric ball valve with stainless steel body design has strong corrosion resistance, which can accurately adjust the flow, reduce fluctuations and prolong the service life of the product. it has been widely used in hospitals, factories and other special environments requiring constant temperature and huity.

household air conditioner & light business

household exhibits are abundant, and heat pump products are eye-catching. ebv electric ball valve, as the safety block valve of r32 multi-split system, has explosion-proof performance for flammable refrigerant, two-way flow low pressure loss, two-way cut-off low internal leakage, and has become the star product of sanhua.

leaderway electronics
leaderway electronics focuses on air conditioner’s core control component, which is frequency conversion controller. the products on display include main control board, drive board, refrigerant sensor and other products, providing solutions to meet the needs of hvac, refrigeration and energy storage customers.

stainless steel pipe fittings

through the leading stainless steel technology, sanhua pipeline series products have successfully transformed lead-free and realized 100% recyclability of raw materials. at the same time, the whole life cycle reduces the carbon footprint and helps to build low-carbon factories.

theme two

system solutions (sanhua inside)

data center/indirect evaporative cooling ahu

with the popularization of 5g technology and the increase of internet cloud computing, the problem of huge energy consumption has become increasingly prominent, and the energy consumption of cooling system is an important part of it. the cooling scheme of sanhua data center emerges as the times require. by providing a series of products to improve energy efficiency, such as valves, evaporators, variable frequency drives and plate replacements, the pue energy consumption of air conditioning equipment is greatly reduced, the refrigerant ge is reduced, and energy saving and low carbon are achieved.

food retail solutions

witness, the temperature monitoring system of stores or supermarkets in this exhibition area, is newly launched. by connecting all refrigeration equipment in stores or supermarkets in series, the temperature and other information are uploaded to the cloud for centralized management and monitoring.

cold storage solution

sanhua industrial refrigeration solution reduces the risk of leakage while reducing the amount of ammonia filling. exquisite ammonia refrigeration system products make sanhua a rising star in the field of industrial refrigeration. in the field of small and medium-sized cold storage, the cold storage technology alliance co-led by sanhua is working with more than 40 elite enterprises in the industry, to promote the standardization of cold storage equipment manufacturing and operation system, and to help improve the quality of cold storage in china.

theme three

"internet sanhua"

combined with the internet, sanhua ion software has been upgraded completely, and the whole series of valves can screen out qualified products accing to their own needs. in the future, "internet sanhua" will be more intelligent, combined with artificial intelligence technology, to further optimize and streamline the ion process, to achieve customer satisfaction.

visitors constantly interact with each other.

sanhua booth is rich in connotation and full of science and technology, and has become one of the hottest booths in the exhibition. many new and old customers of sanhua constantly come to sanhua booth to talk about old love and new products, and talk about the new future of cooperation. chen yuzhong, general manager of sanhua commercial refrigeration, came to the booth to communicate closely with customers and explore innovative exhibits.

sanhua low-carbon products, which have great potential to achieve the goal of double carbon and help the construction of low-carbon factories, have attracted much attention. sanhua commercial marketing director wang peng said in an interview: "the refrigeration industry is closely related to environmental protection. under the background of energy saving and emission reduction, sanhua has introduced 100% de-lead of stainless steel series products, and introduced system solutions in the field of refrigeration to improve energy efficiency by 30% on the original basis."; in the field of air conditioning and heat pump, the combination of variable frequency controller and micro-channel heat exchanger helps to reduce the refrigerant ge by 30% -50%.

we hope that every time the world uses one more sanhua product, it will reduce one more energy consumption and have one more green hope. sanhua will take scientific and technological innovation as the core, realize the high-quality development of enterprises, and pursue the beautiful vision of "developing intelligent low-carbon economy and creating a green quality environment".

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