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sanhua displayed innovative products and made a keynote speech in china international energy storage conference
date: sep 7, 2022   views: 5366
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exhibition introduction

on the morning of september 7th, with the theme of "creating new value of energy storage and building a new market structure together", the 12th china international energy storage conference 2022 was held at the hangzhou intercontinental hotels. it was hosted by china industrial association of power sources and co-organized by energy application branch of china industrial association of power sources, energy storage technology team from institute of electrical engineering chinese academy of sciences, and escn.

how to achieve the challenging "double carbon" goal? energy storage technology will become an important weapon in china's modern energy system to ensure energy security and achieve green and low-carbon development. with the intensive introduction of a series of favorable policies, the application of energy storage expanded rapidly. " the river is warming, which the ducks are first to know ". this conference attracted scientific research institutions, power generation enterprises, system integrators, temperature control suppliers and other enterprises in the industry chain of energy storage. the conference set up 16 thematic forums, focusing on the new path of development for energy storage industry under the "double carbon" goal, safety and system integration of energy storage, system design of energy storage and installation. sanhua was invited to this conference and displayed its thermal management products applied in energy storage, which attracted many visitors. dr. gao qiang, deputy general manager of sanhua new energy thermal management technology (hangzhou) co., ltd., made a special report at the conference.

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event details

>>> wishes from sanhua

as a supporting organization of this conference, dr. huang ningjie, chief scientist of sanhua holding group and expert member of energy application branch of china industrial association of power sources, enthusiastically expressed sanhua's congratulations to the conference by creating a congratulation video.

>>>keynote speeches delivered by sanhua’s experts

with the accelerated policy-driven development of electrochemical energy storage, the demand for temperature control in energy storage would be greatly improved, and the market was expected to grow. those in temperature control technology applied in energy storage and related industrial development would face opportunities. in face of a new era and a new journey, how to choose the technical route of temperature control technology applied in energy storage? what are the future trends?

on the afternoon of september 8th, dr. gao qiang delivered a keynote speech on "helping the development of energy storage industry: introduction to sanhua’s energy storage thermal management products" to share solutions for temperature control in energy storage.

dr. gao qiang introduced the track of main products for thermal management based on the demand for thermal management system in electrochemical energy storage. through the comparative analysis of advantages and challenges in applying air cooling system, liquid cooling system solution, and direct cooling system, dr. gao pointed out four major advantages of system solutions applied in liquid cooling system of thermal management in energy storage: large heat dissipation, fast cooling speed, high cooling efficiency, and temperature uniformity of energy storage batteries. the calculation of 4kw and 40kw air cooling, liquid-cooling and direct cooling systems revealed that liquid cooling system can increase energy efficiency by more than 20-30%. it can significantly increase the capacity of energy storage batteries under the same power consumption conditions. using the lccp method to analyze carbon emissions in the lifespan of the air conditioning system, by applying micro-channels and measures to improve the energy efficiency of the system, this solution had potential to reduce nearly 150 million tons of carbon dioxide, which was equivalent to plant 406,000 hectares forests per year, and by the same method, the carbon emissions can also be significantly reduced in the energy storage system.

in such circumstances, dr. gao qiang introduced sanhua’s thermal management solutions and products applied in energy storage in detail. as an industry leader in the field of global hvac&r, home appliances and new energy vehicle thermal management control components, sanhua relied on technology-oriented strategy. through 38-year high-quality development, sanhua has developed more than 20 types of top-selling products all over the world, and offered mature applications in commercial air conditioning and new energy vehicle thermal management.

dr. gao qiang depicted sanhua's industry roadmap in thermal management of energy storage: sanhua’s thermal management solutions and products for energy storage. sanhua has produced key components for thermal management in energy storage. take instances, the core components of micro-channel heat exchanger were optimal for data center and thermal management in energy storage; sanhua’s inverter controller, electronic expansion valve, plate heat exchanger, water cooling plate and water pump were applied in liquid cooling system solution for the thermal management in energy storage. as to system solution, sanhua had rich experience and strengths in application of liquid cooling and direct cooling systems, as well as the integrated cooling system solutions. dr. gao qiang demonstrated sanhua’s excellent capabilities for mass production of liquid cooling systems for energy storage.

at the end of the speech, dr. gao qiang said that for thermal management in energy storage, sanhua had strengths in development of products, system development and testing. sanhua can achieve rapid customized development and production focusing on customers’ needs, and sanhua is committed to providing customers with high-quality, energy-saving and emission-reduction, sustainable core products, technologies and solutions, empowering the dual-carbon strategy.

other highlights

>>>sanhua participated in the survey of energy storage

from july 24th to august 9th, energy application branch of china industrial association of power sources and escn organized "the 9th china energy storage industry visiting and research group". sanhua participated in this survey, and added ideas for the application of new energy storage technologies in multiple scenarios such as power supply, power grid, users and distributed microgrid, and provide opinions for promoting industrial integration and innovative development.

>>>sanhua enters energy storage industry and embarks a new journey

sanhua is devoted to the promotion of green development, and it has been focusing on heat exchange and temperature control management for nearly 40 years, and sticks to "focus, leadership", pursues "innovation, surpassing", to bring more outstanding and professional product and solutions for the industry.

in the green and low-carbon wave led by "double carbon", sanhua set sail on a new journey.

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